Windows 7 boost tweaks

This is a tutorial on how to speed up Windows 7,

Here are some changes on your Windows 7 Registry:

1. Menus will be shown very faster. When you pause on the main menus the sub menus will be shown up very fast than normal. More



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Virtual Clone Drive

having problems with .iso file extensions? well try this! its like having another cd/dvd drive on your pc. More

Windows 7 Loader

Always stuck at the “Black Screen of Death” (as others call it)?, then say goodbye to it! Win7 Loader fixes the bug in your start-up screen and removes the famous line “windows 7 is not activated” More

XP quick optimizer

Is your Windows XP a little bit slower than it was? Not for now! Thoosje Quick XP Optmizer is the answer, it speeds up your XP and makes the performance better! More